Chetan Sharma

Junior Associate

Chetan Sharma


Chetan’s amalgamation of accomplishments, coupled with his commitment to continuous growth, positions him as a cornerstone of our legal team. He holds a distinguished B.A LLB degree from Baba Farid Law College in Faridkot, Punjab. His profound educational background and diverse legal skill set render him adept at handling complex challenges,  ensuring  that  he  contributes meaningfully to our collective success.

Within the intricate realm of legal expertise, Chetan’s skill set is multifaceted. His prowess in legal research enables him to delve deep into intricate legal matters, extracting pivotal insights to inform strategic decisions. Furthermore, his adeptness in report drafting ensures effective communication of complex legal concepts to both legal peers and clients alike. By participating in pre-litigation dispute resolution, Chetan underscores his dedication to proactively seeking constructive resolutions before matters escalate. This versatile skill set positions him as a well- rounded legal professional capable of navigating and contributing effectively to a broad spectrum of legal challenges.

Experience – Chetan’s professional journey is characterized by his affiliation with the Panjab and Haryana High Court since 2017. This longstanding connection demonstrates his commitment and active engagement within the legal realm. Throughout his journey, he has not only upheld his dedication to the profession but also continually expanded his legal knowledge and expertise. This growth-oriented approach makes him a valuable and dedicated legal practitioner.

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