Arushi Aggarwal

Junior Associate

Arushi Aggarwal


Arushi Aggarwal is a dedicated and ambitious legal professional with a robust educational background in both law and commerce. Her academic achievements and practical competencies position her as a valuable asset in the legal landscape. Arushi completed her L.L.B. degree from P.U. Regional Centre, Ludhiana, displaying exceptional academic performance, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Hons., providing her with a unique understanding of legal and commercial intersections.

Arushi’s diverse skill set combines legal expertise with a strategic understanding of commerce. Her ability to collaborate effectively with various groups maintain a high level of integrity, and approach tasks with optimism sets her apart. This amalgamation of skills enables her to bring a distinctive perspective to legal practice, making her an invaluable addition to any legal team. Her achievements extend beyond academics, as she is a Gold Medalist in Brain-o-brain at the national level, showcasing her determination, intellectual prowess, and competitive spirit, qualities she brings into her legal career.

Experience: Arushi’s foundation in law and commerce positions her as a legal professional with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the legal world. Her unique blend of skills and achievements is poised to contribute to innovative solutions and a fresh perspective in the legal domain. Her goal is to leverage this expertise to excel in the legal landscape, bringing a distinct value to any team she becomes a part of. Known for her passion for legal practice and commitment to excellence.

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